Wedding Belle

When most people attend a wedding, they drive or fly. Not Nancy Foster. Last September the Oregonian rode 10,500 miles to the east coast and back, winning a Dunlop long-distance award in the process.

Dunlop knows riders just as well as it knows tires. And to help celebrate this fact, last Spring, the company launched a new long-distance riding challenge in partnership with REVER, the motorcyclist trip-sharing app that has ballooned to more than 500,000 users in just two years. REVER allows riders to post their favorite routes, annotated with photos, notes, road hazards, places to eat or stay, motorcycle services and more – while also enabling personal connections with other likeminded riders. REVER has also mapped thousands of paved and unpaved routes across the country that are also available to subscribers.  

The Dunlop Long-Distance Rider Challenge on REVER awards a set of tires to the rider who posts the most mileage each month. The most recent winner is Oregon-based sport-touring rider Nancy Foster, who completed over 10,500 miles during September 2017 aboard her 2013 Yamaha FJ1300.

“I ride a fair amount anyway,” explains the union pipe fitter. “But when my niece told me she was getting married in Charleston, South Carolina, I decided to make a trip out of it.” And what a trip it was. Leaving on September 1, Nancy took the long way to the east coast from Oregon, zigzagging 11 states en route. The ride east took 15 days, with Nancy meeting up with riding friends in various places, and then sharing the route together for a while. 

On the way home, Nancy and her FJ1300 also added another 11 states to her tour list. “I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Tail of the Dragon, the Moonshiner, the Devil’s Triangle and many other excellent roads,” she recounts. Altogether, she was gone 26 days…naturally, including the wedding day! “I have done a lot of long trips, but this is longest,” she adds.

Nancy’s Yamaha now has 28,000 miles under its wheels, and ready to wear a well-earned set of new Dunlop Roadsmart III radials. Congratulations on a great touring month Nancy – and enjoy those Dunlops.