Lenny Hale wins Four AFM titles on Dunlop D211 GP-A

A new season of road racing action is almost upon us and both professional and amateur Dunlop racers from across the country are preparing to do battle aboard Dunlop-equipped race machines. A sterling example: Lenny Hale won four American Federation of Motorcycles (AFM) Championships in 2010 on Dunlop’s D211 GP-A tires, which are manufactured in Buffalo, NY. As the start of the season draws near, Hale is again gearing up to defend his titles in 2011.

“I’ve raced the AFM series on and off since 2004,” said Hale. “It was definitely nice to finish the year winning four championships. I plan on racing a Yamaha in the AFM series’ 1000 class this year and I’m also contesting the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike West Coast Championship and select East Coast Championship races.”

Hale was the top performer in the AFM’s 600 Production, 600 Superbike, 750 Production and 750 Superbike classes last year. Throughout the season he recorded outstanding results, winning every race in both 750 Superbike and 750 Production Championships and finishing on top at six of seven races in the 600 Production and 600 Superbike Championships. The Dunlop racer also added third overall in the Formula 1 Championship to his list of accomplishments. Hale capped off his stellar season by executing a perfect sweep of the top spots at the final round in the series held at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, Calif., on Saturday, October 2, 2010.

“Last year was actually my first season racing with Dunlop,” said Hale. “During preseason testing, when I was riding on the D211s for the first time, I couldn’t believe how long the tires lasted and how good they were. Throughout the season I was getting nearly double life out of my Dunlops versus the other tire brands I’d ridden on in the past. The Dunlops are definitely a far superior tire compared to anything else I’ve raced on. I certainly plan to stay with Dunlop.”

###About Dunlop

Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America. With North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Dunlop has been making and selling high-quality tires in the U.S. since 1923.