Fastrack Riders to use Dunlop race tires in 2013

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop is excited to announce that Fastrack Riders will be using Dunlop tires at all of their 2013 schools. Fastrack will be using the exact same tires on their KTM RC8R school bikes that are used in the AMA Pro SuperBike class—Dunlop’s Buffalo-made KR448™ and KR449™ racing slicks, so students can ride on the same rubber as used by the top AMA Pro riders in the country. Fastrack will also be selling the KR448 and KR449 slicks to students who bring their own bikes, so they too can experience the same slicks as the AMA Pros.

“The fact that the tires we will be using are the same tires as used in the AMA is a huge advantage because Dunlop is offering cutting edge technology that can be experienced by regular riders,” said Fastrack principle David Pyles.

Fastrack also does track days at various tracks in Southern California, and they hold their Rider Development School at every event they do. This year they are doing 26 one day events at Auto Club Speedway, two one day events at the Streets of Willow, and two one day events at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for a total of 30 events. Dunlop’s KR448 and KR449 slicks as well as Dunlop’s—Sportmax® D211™ GP-A the same DOT tire used in all AMA Pro classes except SuperBike—will also be available at these track day events for purchase in conjunction with Dunlop’s Race Tire Services group.

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