Dunlop Legends

In 2005 Dunlop introduced the Legends Program to benefit injured riders. This series of high-quality collector-edition Legends posters are printed in black and white on heavy 19- by 26-inch art paper. The series immortalize legendary motorcycle racing champions: David Bailey, Yvon Duhamel, Broc Glover, Bob Hannah, Kent Howerton, Rick Johnson, Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Bubba Shobert, Jeff Ward, Bruce Ogilvie, Malcolm Smith, Doug Henry, Jeremy McGrath and Jeff Stanton. Produced by Dunlop’s advertising agency, Vreeke & Associates, these historic black-and-white posters feature images—captured by photographers Paul Buckley, Bill Delaney, Gold & Goose, Dave Hawkins and Ken Vreeke—that pay tribute to some of the greatest racers in our sport.

“Dunlop has supported some of the most legendary racers in history, and this is a great opportunity to give back to the sport through the Road 2 Recovery Foundation,” said Dunlop Vice President Mike Buckley.

Road 2 Recovery lends financial assistance to injured motorcycle racers. These limited-edition, collectible, Dunlop Legends posters are available through the Road 2 Recovery Foundation website. To purchase, visit or call 480-276-1131.

Dunlop has proudly added Nicky Hayden to the Legends Program.  Nicky Hayden was one of the most beloved racers the world has ever known. His great morality, respect for everyone, kindness, dedication and true love of racing will never be forgotten.

To pay tribute to Nicky, Dunlop has made him a part of the iconic Legends poster series, a program to honor racing heroes. Nicky’s poster features an amazing photograph taken by Tom Riles during Nicky’s run at the 2002 AMA Superbike championship. It perfectly captures the ferocity and commitment of Nicky’s never-give-in riding style.

In addition to his love of racing, Nicky also loved his home town of Owensboro, Kentucky, and was very active in various charities. He loved to give back, especially to the children in his local community. In his honor, the Hayden family has set up the Nicky Hayden Memorial Fund. Nicky’s Legends poster is available for $29.00 plus shipping through the Hayden Bros General Store, with proceeds going to his memorial fund.