EnduroCross Secret Weapon

Dunlop the next generation of ultimate off-road performance

Ever wonder how EnduroCross riders find traction over the extreme terrain they compete on? Dunlop’s D756EX has been winning EnduroCross for years, and now it’s been replaced with the all-new Geomax® AT81 EX that features even greater grip and performance.  

• The new AT81 EX was built on the same winning tread pattern and construction as the AT81, but adds ultra grippy compounds to the equation. 

• Available in 110/100-18 rear size, the AT81 EX is made for a wide variety of extreme conditions—not just EnduroCross—and was developed with the help of Cody Webb and Destry Abbott. 

• AT81 EX tread block shape and distribution plus flexible knobs help the tire penetrate down through the surface dirt for extra traction across a broad range of off-road applications.

• The tire carcass features two nylon plies for added durability. 

• Lateral grooves on the shoulder knobs provide additional biting edges and also allow the knobs to be more flexible.

• Rear center blocks are arranged in-line to provide a larger contact patch for maximum traction.

• Dunlop’s “plush pad” recess design between tread blocks enhances compliance for bump absorption and ride comfort.