Dunlop Riders Sweep Every Title at 36th Annual Loretta Lynn’s

Buffalo, NY:  Riders who chose to compete on Dunlop Tires delivered a stunning sweep of all 36 championships at this year’s prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. Dunlop’s Geomax® MX3S and new MX12 were the popular choices among the winners.


Unlike some previous years, track conditions were pristine and the few rain showers that blew through helped to keep the dust down. The all-new Geomax MX12 sand/mud tire made its Loretta’s debut at this year’s event, and proved to be the advantage riders were looking for during the early motos when the track was deeply tilled—especially off the line as MX12 riders nailed a ton of holeshots. This immediate success of the MX12 early in the week spoke volumes about how well this tire was received by the racers—especially at an event as important as this one. When track conditions changed and became more hard packed and rougher, the intermediate MX3S delivered the traction needed to help amass the championship sweep.


Four championships were won by Team Dunlop Elite riders, including Casey Cochran, Haiden Deegan, Ryder DiFrancesco, and Jett Reynolds. Dunlop Elite alumni grabbed three titles, including two for Garrett Marchbanks, and one for Hannah Hodges. Standout riders who won special awards were all Dunlop riders as well, including Ty Masterpool who won the Youth Rider of the Year award, Marchbanks who took the Amateur rider of the year trophy, and Vet Rider of the Year Mike Brown.  The prestigious AMA Horizon Award, now dedicated to the late Nicky Hayden, was given to the rider who shows the most promise as they prepare to enter the professional ranks, and it went to Justin Cooper—who made his last amateur appearance at Loretta’s before making his professional racing debut with Star Racing Yamaha this coming weekend at Unadilla. We wish Cooper the best of luck.


“It has been a personal goal of mine to achieve a sweep for Dunlop Motorcycle Tires at Loretta’s since I started with the company four years ago,” said Rob Fox, Amateur Motocross Support Manager. “We felt very honored that so many riders tried the brand-new MX12, and trusted us enough to rely on Dunlop tires to help achieve their goals.”


Dunlop Motorcycle Tires would like to thank all the riders who competed at Loretta’s this year as we know merely qualifying for this major event is a huge accomplishment for the riders and their families.

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Championship results below. All the champions listed below won their titles on Dunlop Geomax tires.

Last NameFirst NameNbrClassBrandTire
DRAKEDEREK33250 B LimitedKTMDunlop
RODRIGUEZRENE91250 C Jr. (12-17) LimitedYAMDunlop
HASTINGSEZRA51450 B LimitedYAMDunlop
BASSOTANNER72College (18-24)YAMDunlop
BROWNMIKE30Junior (25+)HSQDunlop
BROWNMIKE30Senior (40+)HSQDunlop
WAGNERJAY80Senior (45+)SUZDunlop
GREWEJOHN70Masters (50+)KAWDunlop
RINEHARTROXYN5251cc (4-6) Special LTDCOBDunlop
PALMERLANDON8551cc (4-6) Shaft Dr LTDYAMDunlop
THURMANWYATT1851cc (4-6) LimitedCOBDunlop
ADAMSDREW3051cc (7-8) LimitedCOBDunlop
JOHNSONKADE1765cc (7-9) LimitedHSQDunlop
COCHRANCASEY6665cc (10-11) LimitedCOBDunlopElite
DEEGANHAIDEN3865cc (7-11)KTMDunlopElite
DIFRANCESCORYDER9985cc (9-11) LimitedKAWDunlopElite
REYNOLDSJETT185cc (9-12)KAWDunlopElite
LEBLANCMATTHEW32Mini Sr 1 (12-13)KTMDunlop
AMERINEKAEDEN32Mini Sr 2 (12-14)KTMDunlop
MASTERPOOLTY95Supermini 1 (12-15)TMDunlop
MASTERPOOLTY95Supermini 2 (13-16)TMDunlop
BIESECARTER33125cc (12-16) B/CHSQDunlop
GONZALESMASON93Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/CYAMDunlop
MARCHBANKSGARRETT82Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/CKAWDunlopElite Alumnus
ALLREDTAYLER34Girls (11-16)KTMDunlop
HODGESHANNAH12Women (12+) AmateurKAWDunlopElite Alumnus

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