Dunlop Riders Set the Pace at 35th Annual Loretta Lynn’s

Buffalo, NY: Hot, humid, wet and muddy—that describes conditions at this year’s prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. In these conditions, Dunlop’s Geomax® MX11™ was a popular choice among the winners, and there were plenty of winners on Dunlop tires.

Of the 37 championships up for grabs, Dunlop riders won 33 titles, including five titles won by Team Dunlop Elite riders. In addition to the titles, Dunlop riders won some of the event’s most prestigious awards.

The AMA Horizon Award—given to the rider who shows the most promise as they prepare to enter the professional ranks—was won by Chase Sexton, a Team Dunlop Elite alumnus. The AMA Motocross Youth Rider Award—earned by a rider under the age of 16 for their performance at Loretta’s—was given to Jett Reynolds, a Team Dunlop Elite member. Jordan Bailey, another Team Dunlop Elite alumnus, won the AMA Motocross Amateur Rider Award for best performance by a non-A-class rider, and the AMA Motocross Vet/Senior Rider Award (for riders over 30 years of age) went to Dunlop rider John Grewe.

“The conditions were really brutal at Loretta’s this year,” said Rob Fox, Amateur Motocross Support Manager. “Anyone who won a title really earned it because the competition wasn’t the only thing that was tough. We were proud to be the only tire company sponsoring the event this year, and I want to congratulate all the Dunlop winners for the enormous effort it took to go home a champion.”

Dunlop wishes to congratulate the following Dunlop-equipped riders on their championships:

Open Pro SportChase SextonElite Alum
250 ABradley Taft 
250 All-Star A/B (14+)Jerry Robin 
250 B LimitedMitchell Falk 
250 BJordan BaileyElite Alum
250 C LimitedKyle White 
250 C Jr. (12-16) LimitedCaleb Weaver 
250 CStetson Johnson 
450 B LimitedWilson Fleming 
450 BJake Masterpool 
450 CDean Taylor 
125 (12-16) B/CJalek SwollElite Alum
College (16-24)Ryan Surratt 
Junior 25+Michael Stryker 
Vet 30+Arik Swan 
Senior 45+Terry Bostard 
Masters 50+John Grewe 
51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive LimitedKevyn De Pinho 
51cc (4-6) LimitedSeth Dennis 
65cc (7-9) LimitedDaxton BennickElite
65cc (10-11) LimitedHunter YoderElite
65cc (7-11)Matthew LeBlancElite
85cc (9-11) LimitedJett ReynoldsElite
85cc (9-11)Jett ReynoldsElite
Mini Sr. 1 (12-13)Dilan Schwartz 
Mini Sr. 2 (12-14)Ty Masterpool 
Super Mini 2 (13-16)Joe Shimoda 
Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/CJalek SwollElite Alum
Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/CJordan BaileyElite Alum
Girls Sr. (12-16)Jordan Jarvis 
Girls Jr. (9-13)Tayler Allred 
Women (14+)Jordan Jarvis 
Women (16+) All-StarBrandy RichardsElite Alum


AMA Horizon AwardChase SextonElite Alum
AMA Amateur Rider of the YearJordan BaileyElite Alum
AMA Youth Rider of the YearJett ReynoldsElite
AMA Vet Rider of the YearJohn Grewe 


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