Dunlop Riders Rule Ponca City

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop riders won a whopping 36 championships at the MotoPlayground Race at Ponca City. Team Dunlop Elite riders had a great week, with Lance Kobusch taking three titles in his 250-class debut, and Ryder DiFrancesco and Crockett Myers each going home with a championship. Other Dunlop standouts include Ty Masterpool with two Supermini titles, Carter Halpain with two championships, and Team Dunlop alumnus Jr. Reyes taking two titles as well.

“We had a great time at Ponca,” said Dunlop’s Amateur Motocross Support Manager, Rob Fox. “The Geomax® MX3S was the tire of choice due to its versatility and expanded size range, but riders also used the Geomax MX11 and MX52.”

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