Dunlop Riders Grab 21 Medals at X Games 18

Buffalo, NY: The 2012 X Games 18, held in Los Angeles, CA, saw Dunlop-sponsored riders earn a whopping 21 medals out of the 24 up for grabs. Dunlop riders swept the podium in Moto X Speed & Style, Women’s MX Racing, Men’s and Women’s EnduroCross, Moto X Best Whip and Freestyle. Medals in the Best Whip competition were awarded based on votes from fans texting in; Jeremy Stenberg took the gold, followed by Jarryd McNeil with Silver and Todd Potter with Bronze. In the Step Up event, Ronnie Renner grabbed the Gold by setting a record height of 47 feet, beating the previous record by an amazing 10 feet. Dunlop riders took home a total of seven Gold, eight Silver and six Bronze medals.

Speed & Style Results
Gold- Mike Mason (Dunlop)
Silver- Nate Adams (Dunlop)
Bronze- Ronnie Faisst (Dunlop)

Women’s MX Racing
Gold- Vicki Golden (Dunlop)
Silver- Tarah Gieger (Dunlop)
Bronze- Livia Lancelot (Dunlop)

Women’s EnduroCross
Gold- Maria Forsberg (Dunlop)
Silver- Louise Forsley (Dunlop)
Bronze- Chantelle Bykerk

Men’s EnduroCross
Gold- Mike Brown (Dunlop)
Silver- Cody Webb (Dunlop)
Bronze- Cory Graffunder (Dunlop)

Moto-X Best Whip
Gold- Jeremy Stenberg (Dunlop)
Silver- Jarryd McNeil (Dunlop)
Bronze- Todd Potter (Dunlop)

Step Up
Gold- Ronnie Renner (Dunlop)
Silver- Matt Buyten (Dunlop)
Bronze- Brian Deegan

Moto-X Best Trick
Gold- Jackson Strong
Silver- Taka Higashino (Dunlop)
Bronze- Cameron Sinclair (Dunlop)

Gold- Taka Higashino (Dunlop)
Silver- Levi Sherwood (Dunlop)
Bronze- Javier Villegas (Dunlop)

###About Dunlop

Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America—with North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY. High-quality Dunlop tires have been made and sold in the U.S. since 1923.