Dunlop Riders Dominate Daytona Amateur Championship

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop riders posted an incredible win record at the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross on March 8 – 9 at Daytona International Speedway. Of the 35 possible championships up for grabs, Dunlop riders won 30 titles. The Geomax® MX32 was the tire of choice for these champions.

Nine of those champions included sponsored Team Dunlop Elite riders: Stilez Robertson, Matthew Leblanc (two titles), Jalek Swoll (two titles), Jett Reynolds, Haiden Deegan, Lance Kobusch and Nick Romano. Four more titles were won by Team Dunlop Elite alumni, including Austin Forkner, Joey Crown, Rookie White and Challen Tennant.

Daytona AMSX 2015 Champions
Senior B/C (40+) Steve Nagy (SUZ)
85cc (9-13) Open Stilez Robertson (KAW)
College (16-24) Brandon Hartranft (YAM)
Junior (25+) Zack Crosby (KAW)
Masters (50+) Earl May (KAW)
250 C (12-16) Zachary Robinson (YAM)
250 C (17+) Denner Daniel Alves (HON)
250 B Austin Forkner (KAW)
250 A / Pro Sport Daniel Baker (KTM)
Girls (9-13) Jazzmyn Canfield (YAM)
65 (7-11) Open Matthew Leblanc (KTM)
Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) Jalek Swoll (HSK)
Senior (45+) John Grewe (KAW)
85 (9-11) Jett Reynolds (KAW)
Schoolboy 2 (13-16) Joey Crown (KAW)
WMX Kylie Fasnacht (KAW)
250 All-Star A/B Darian Sanayei (KAW)
51 (7-8) Limited Haiden Deegan (KTM)
51 (4-6) Limited Will Canaguier (COB)
Mini Sr. 2 (12-14) Jalek Swoll (HSK)
Women Amateur (12+) Gracie Vanhorn (KAW)
450 B John “Rookie” White (YAM)
450 A/Pro Sport Darian Sanayei (KAW)
51 (4-8) Open Jordan Renfro (KTM)
Super Mini (12-16) Lance Kobusch (KAW)
Vet B/C (30+) Steve Nagy (SUZ)
65 (10-11) Matthew Leblanc (KTM)
65 (7-9) Nick Romano (KAW)
450 C (14-20) Tanner Olson (KAW)
Schoolboy 1 (12-16) Challen Tennant (KTM)

Dunlop congratulates all Dunlop riders on their achievements at Daytona.

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