Dunlop Introduces the All-New Geomax MX12

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop’s line of Geomax® tires has dominated racing since its pro-class introduction in 2010. Since then, Geomax motocross-oriented tires have won every AMA Pro Supercross and Motocross championship in the U.S. Over the past seven years, Dunlop engineers have continued to evolve the Geomax series, and the all-new MX12 is the latest result of Dunlop’s ongoing development.

Designed for soft-terrain applications, the front and rear MX12 tires excel in extreme sand and mud conditions. Dunlop’s goal with this tire was to increase overall performance in a broader range of conditions—for example maintaining the tire’s high level of grip on muddy tracks even when the mud begins to dry out.

For the MX12, Dunlop relied on top AMA Pro racers, Dunlop’s European MXGP World Championship racing team and the testing team at the Dunlop Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Alabama to develop the tire on tracks here and in Europe, including some of Europe’s “bottomless sand” tracks on the world MX championship schedule.

The MX12 offers increased cornering, acceleration, and braking grip, enhanced handling in rutted terrain, and does a better job of damping out bumps and impacts to keep the contact patch—both front and rear—on the ground and digging in.

• Innovative tread pattern includes new V-Block technology that increases traction, and does a better job clearing the tire in muddy conditions to maintain maximum performance.

• Tread pattern includes Dunlop’s exclusive block-within-a-block Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT) in the rear for enhanced cornering traction and slide control.

• Recessed flex joints between tread blocks improve compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort.

• Narrower tire profiles increase length of contact patch for improved bump absorption, and improved steering in rutted conditions.

The MX12 takes Dunlop’s Geomax line to a new level for a wide range of riders from amateur to professional. Designed primarily for 250cc and 450cc motocross bikes using 21-inch front and 19-inch rear sizes, the MX12 will be available in select sizes in August.