Dunlop Geomax MX12 Features Expanded Size Range

ZACH OSBORNE Riding Geomax MX12

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop’s Geomax® line of off-road tires have won every professional Supercross championship for ten years in a row, swept Loretta Lynn’s for the last two years, and have won numerous off-road Enduro and GNCC championships. The Geomax line covers a broad spectrum of terrain and fitments, and now features new MX12 sizes for mini riders, including 70/100-10, 80/100-12, 90/100-14, 90/100-16 and a 120/80-19 rear for 450cc machines. There is also a new size for off-road machines; a 110/100-18 rear for various fitments. All to complete the line of the already successful 80/100-21 front, 100/90-19 and 110/90-19 rears.

Designed to offer optimum traction in a broad range of sand and mud terrain, the MX12 delivers maximum cornering grip, great handling in rutted conditions, and superior bump control over choppy surfaces. Dunlop’s patented Block-in-a-Block tread also gives riders additional slide control.

“We have been working on these new tires for several years now as we have received a lot of requests for these sizes,” said Dunlop’s Amateur Motocross Manager Rob Fox. “We used top team Dunlop Elite and supported riders to conduct testing on the mini sizes, and we’re excited to debut them at the Loretta Lynn’s amateur national championship.”