Dunlop Details the All-New DT4 for Flat Track racing

DT4 motorcycle tires Background

Buffalo, NY: When Dunlop set about replacing the iconic DT3, the goal was to add grip for faster lap times without losing the feel flat-track racers have trusted for forty years. Improving on that combination wasn’t easy, which is why it took two years to develop the all-new DT4.

Flat track tires must grip and slide at the same time, and the front and rear need to work in concert in this finely balanced dance across all different track surfaces, from blue-groove hard-pack to abrasive sand. Track surfaces can also change from lap-to-lap—for a tire designer, it’s a constantly moving target.

The revamped American Flat Track (AFT) class structure, new manufacturer involvement that has increased race-bike performance, and the addition of new tracks to the AFT schedule drove the development of the DT4. Dunlop tested on various tracks across the country, utilizing input from some of the top AFT racers and champions.


That input and Dunlop’s own internal testing resulted in making the DT4 available in different compounds, including a soft and medium front compound, plus a soft, medium and hard compound rear—the hard compound developed for Mile tracks from hard-pack clay to abrasive sand conditions like Sacramento.

Tread Pattern

The front tread pattern is similar to the previous DT3, but with reshaped blocks for greater straight-line stability. Shoulder blocks were also optimized to increase grip and stability while cornering.

The rear tread pattern has similar shaped blocks on the shoulder, but the center blocks are much different, with the blocks turned 90 degrees to provide even more biting edges. This will be a huge advantage while powering off the starting line.

In addition to new tread patterns and compounds, the DT4 can be run tubeless. This allows greater fine-tuning with air-pressure for changing track surfaces and conditions, and makes tire changing easier.

After forty years, the all-new DT4 raises flat track tire technology and performance to a new level, without losing that subtle feel flat-track racers have always depended on.


Sizes                                         Compound

DT4 Front 130/80-19 T/L F3
  130/80-19 T/L F5
DT4 Rear 140/80-19 T/L R3
  140/80-19 T/L R5
  140/80-19 T/L R9

T/L = Tube or Tubeless