Dunlop Announces New Bi-Directional Multi-Compound Race Tires

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop proudly introduces a whole new concept in road race tires: The KR451. This innovative tire is an asymmetric, bi-directional multi-compound rear slick. This new rear tire differs from others in its use of a custom combination of tire compounds, so the tire can deliver maximum performance regardless of the track’s directional flow. Multiple variations in compound combinations of the KR451 will be made available.

The reversible nature of the KR451 and versatility are made possible by a new Jointless Tread application of the tire compounds, which are wound onto the tire carcass in continuous strips rather than being laid down in a more conventional, directional manner. As a result, the tire sidewall features double rotation arrows, and the different compounds are also clearly identified on the sidewall as well. By simply picking the KR451 with the most desirable compound combinations and then mounting it in the appropriate orientation, the racer can then ride with a new level of performance.

In general, a tire with a very grippy compound will produce faster lap times at the track, but that tire may not be able to maintain those lap times for the duration of a race. A vivid example is a qualifying tire: It’s ultra-grippy, but only lasts a few laps. Tires with compounds which produce consistent lap times over race distance don’t normally generate as much maximum grip. By offering different compounds on each side, the KR451 can deliver more consistent lap times throughout the race and deliver high grip, allowing the rider to reap lower and more consistent lap times for the duration of the race.

During the development phase, top AMA riders sponsored by Dunlop as the exclusive tire of AMA Pro Road Racing tried the new tire and provided feedback. Here is what Roger Lee Hayden had to say regarding the KR451. “The first time I used the KR451 was at the NOLA test. I liked how quickly it came in and how much edge grip it had driving into the corners. I was also impressed with how well the tire ran after many laps in the hot temperatures at NOLA.”

Developed and produced in Dunlop’s Buffalo, NY facility, the KR451 racing tires are the culmination of a long development process headed up by Dunlop personnel. “This new tire is a very exciting innovation for racers in America,” says Sabastian Mincone, Dunlop Senior Road Race Manager. “Obviously, most tracks around the country are biased in the number of turns they have to the left or to the right, a result of their clockwise or counterclockwise directional flow. With the KR451, racers can now choose from a variety of tire compound combinations given the demands of the particular track they are racing on that weekend. The ability to reverse rotational direction of the tire gives racers more latitude than ever as they make their race-day preparations. We are very proud of this new degree of flexibility as well as the heightened racing performance the KR451 delivers.”

The KR451 is available through Race Tire Service at 800-772-TIRE (800-772-8473). The direct line for orders or tech questions is 615-641-3323; fax 615-641-8959. Also, the KR451 can be ordered via email at, and online orders or requests for information can be obtained at Race Tire Service is available for phone orders from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific time). Orders placed before 2:00 PM Central time will ship that day. All messages left will be returned the next day so orders can be shipped as quickly as possible.

###About Dunlop

Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America—with North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY. High-quality Dunlop tires have been made and sold in the U.S. since 1923.