Dunlop Announces New 2012 Race Tire

Buffalo, NY: As the official tire of AMA Road Racing, Dunlop has continued to develop new products, and in keeping with that commitment Dunlop proudly announces its newest premium race tire, the 190/60ZR17 Sportmax D211 GP-A. Built for racing in the AMA Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes, this new tire will be available initially in two compounds, and a third compound will be released later in the season.

Sabastian Mincone, Dunlop Senior Road Race Manager, described the tire as follows: “This new tire shares the same technology contained within the proven 200/55R17 slicks; it’s an MT Multi-Tread™ tire with N-Tec construction and IRP (Intuitive Response Profile) technology. By using this new rear size, racers will be able to increase corner speed and acceleration out of corners. This tire will be well suited for use in AMA Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes, as well as for use in most club races where DOT tires are required. This tire represents the culmination of a great deal of R&D work by Dunlop staff as well as input gathered from many top racers in the U.S. and we are very proud of this accomplishment, which will serve to help make AMA road racing even more exciting in the coming season.”

The new 190/60ZR17 D211GPA is available to road racers through Dunlop’s race tire distributor Race Tire Service (RTS) who can be contacted at

###About Dunlop

Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America. With North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Dunlop has been making and selling high-quality tires in the U.S. since 1923.