Dunlop Adds K180 to Product Line

Dunlop K180 Motorcycle Tires  MODERN PERFORMANCE

Buffalo, NY: With the introduction of various street trackers, scramblers and the growing culture of custom and vintage bikes inspired by American Flat Track racing, the timing is ideal for the introduction of the K180 to the U.S. market.

The K180 was inspired by American Flat Track and offers a classic and aggressive look. The K180 is P speed rated for speeds up to 93 mph and is a great choice for vintage flat track racing, or flat-track riders on off-road 450s who can fit the K180 3.00-21 size to their stock wheel. These will also be popular for riders building custom bikes with a street-legal flat track look.

Available at Dunlop retailers in select sizes, the K180 is also the original equipment tire on the newly popular Suzuki VanVan 200.


3.00-21 TT51P


Front and RearLoad/Speed
120/90-18 TT65P
130/80-18 TT66P


180/80-14 TT78P