RTS to Offer Additional Support to DUNLOP Racers

Race Tire Service (RTS) has reduced the price of Dunlop motorcycle racing tires, making Dunlop the most affordable and best-performing racing tire.

Based on feedback from our race customers, who overwhelmingly requested better pricing rather than a contingency program, we rolled out a price reduction that will benefit all riders and not just a few.

Effective today, riders can get a set of our top-of-the-line N-Tec slicks or DOT Sportmax® GP-A Pro at the reduced 2016 price. This price is not a one-time offer; it is the new price for everyone as we move into the 2016 season. Prices are the same at the track, online, or if you call RTS directly.

“We need to revitalize our sport, and helping racers new and old, beginner or expert, front of the grid or mid-pack, is the best way to make it possible for more riders to come and compete. This will lead to fuller grids and is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone,” said Steve Brubaker, President of RTS. “Our U.S.A.-made N-Tec racing tires help keep our racing community and economy strong.”

You can see all our pricing and tech info at www.dunlopracing.com or call us: 615-641-3323

Contact: Steve Brubaker